Current national threat level: SUBSTANTIAL

Environmental Policy

Servoca Secure Solutions is a leading provider of secure solutions. Servoca ensures that all activities carried out comply will all relevant environmental legislation.

Servoca recognise that their operations have an effect on local, regional and the global environment. As a consequence of this Servoca management are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and prevention of pollution. Servoca is committed to environmentally responsible policies and practices. This involves the regular review of both its own performance and the scope for further improvements. The Company aims, through continuous staff awareness, to improve and maintain ever higher levels of environmental responsibility.

Environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance. We will implement our policies through a coordinated Environmental Management System (EMS).

The business will endeavour to use environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources to meet our needs. We will invest in improved energy efficiency of products/services we use and sell. Servoca maintains a fundamental belief in the importance of protecting the environment, and will take all necessary steps within its power to eliminate, or control, environmental hazards by:

  • Setting, reviewing and implementing measurable environmental objectives to ensure continuous improvement.
  • striving to adopt the highest possible environmental standards in all its operations, wherever these are located,
  • aiming to use the most economical use of all materials, supplies and energy, using renewable or recycled materials wherever possible,
  • keeping itself fully informed of best practices elsewhere,
  • minimising waste produced in all parts of the business,
  • encouraging similar environmental standards to be achieved by all third parties involved with its business,
  • encouraging employee involvement in positive environmental action,
  • regularly assessing the environmental impact of all its operations,
  • communicating its policy to customers, and employees.

All Servoca staff has a responsibility towards the environment in which they live and work. A responsible attitude and commitment to the Company’s objectives is expected.