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Customer Complaints Procedure

1. What is a Customer Complaints Procedure?

A Customer Complaints Procedure is a systematic method used by organisations for receiving, recording and responding to complaints made by their customers to ensure that complaints are responded to efficiently and effectively and learnt from. For the purposes of this procedure, Customers are external customers. Customer Complaints procedures also ensure that the valuable management information which is generated from customer feedback is used in a positive way to improve the effectiveness of the organisation.

A complaint is defined as:

  • Where a customer has not been satisfied with the service they have received

2. Why do we need a Customer Complaints Procedure?

A Customer Complaints Procedure:

  • Provides a way for customers to express their dissatisfaction with services, policies and decisions of the Company and to suggest improvements
  • Gives valuable management information regarding the effectiveness of services provided, policies implemented and decisions taken
  • Helps improve communication between the Company and its customers
  • Helps demonstrate that the Company wants to listen and learn from their clients and the public
  • Offers assurance that a consistent approach will be followed when responding to complaints

3. What are the aims and objectives of the Customer Complaints procedure?

To ensure that:

  • Customer complaints are dealt with promptly, efficiently, courteously and systematically
  • Customer complaints are treated confidentially and fairly
  • Customers are kept informed of the progress and outcome of their complaints

4. How can Complaints be made to the Company?

Complaints may be made:

  • In person
  • By telephone
  • In writing (letter, fax, complaints form or email)

Where a complainant is abusive to the member of staff taking the complaint, the complainant may be asked to put the complaint in writing.

5. What are the stages in the procedure?

In the first instance concerns should be raised with the team providing the service to look into the complaint and try to put things right.

Details of the complaint will be sent to the Administrator and entered onto the complaints system so that the Company can make sure complaints are learnt from and how well they are responded to is monitored.

What will happen next?

  1. The Administrator will contact the complainant acknowledging receipt of the complaint within three days explaining our procedure. This will be followed up with a letter if appropriate.
  2. The Administrator will request support from the relevant employees to investigate the complaint.
  3. The results of the investigation must be returned to the Administrator within 24 hours, if this is not possible then notification must be sent to the Administrator by email.
  4. As a result of the investigation the Administrator will meet with relevant stake holders (this may include the complainant) and agree corrective action/s.
  5. Within 72 hours the Administrator will review the results of the corrective action’s and verify completion if appropriate.
  6. The Administrator will contact the complainant to ensure satisfaction and record accordingly.
  7. If the client is still dissatisfied they will be directed to contact the Operations Director to review the decision.
  8. The OD will write to the client within 14 days of receiving the request for a review, confirming Servoca’s final position on the complaint and explaining the reasons.
  9. If SSS have to change any of the timescales above, then the Administrator will let the customer know and explain why.
  10. At the conclusion of the process the Administrator will update the Complaints Register.
  11. The Complaints Register will be reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure that complaint trends are recognised and actioned.

6. What can Customers expect from our Customer Complaints Procedure?

We will:

  • Value Customer Complaints
  • Record them effectively
  • Acknowledge within 3 working days if a full response cannot be given straightaway
  • Respond within 10 working days, although complex complaints may take longer
  • Keep the customer informed about progress where we are not able to respond to the issue within 10 working days
  • Comply with the Data Protection Act and treat all information given in the strictest confidence
  • Use information from complaints to improve Company services.

7. Data Protection Act

The information provided by customers will be held for the purpose of monitoring the amount and nature of customer complaints and as a record of contact. Personal information will only be disclosed to responsible officers investigating the comment and administering the procedure.

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