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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

To continuously improve Servoca Secure Solutions’s performance by working with our customers, employees, supplier and the greater community. We see our social responsibility as a critical success factor in achieving our business goals.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone in Servoca Secure Solutions:

  • Are aware of our corporate social philosophy.
  • Integrate corporate social philosophy into our Business vision, principles, values and codes.
  • Ensures that environmental and social reforms are added to management systems that reflect our corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Corporate Social Principles

The observance to the following principles will ensure we realise these aims:

  • Servoca Secure Solutions readily accepts its social and environmental responsibilities.
  • That it maintains a programme of continuous dialogue on environmental and social matters with our staff, customers and suppliers.
  • That it regularly communicates with business stakeholders, local government, law enforcement and the community on social and environmental issues.
  • To create and maintain a culture that supports the contribution of our CSR policy to the overall success of Servoca Secure Solutions, managers are to:
  • Ensure that the corporate social philosophy aims and principle are introduced to all staff and is part of all induction training and a continuous programme of awareness.
  • Introduce CSR programmes
  • Create a network of key Environmental and social contacts outside of the company.
  • Submit as part of their Monthly Report a section on CSR and how it reflects on the activity and impact on all business functions that their responsible for.
  • Produce as part of the annual company report a ‘CSR’ Report
  • Communicate all CSR activity on the company intranet, news letter. Promotional material.
  • CSR performance targets and measurement are to be part of the company balance score card.

Monitoring and Review

Corporate Social Responsibility: policy, principle, and processes are monitored to ensure that they are disseminated to all staff, that managers are looking to improve the integration of the CSR in all management systems and to ensue that CSR is a contributing factor to Servoca Secure Solutions future. A strategic overview of all CSR activity, rest with the Quality & Compliance Officer.